5-HTP for Anxiety

5htp pic 27According to statistics, cases of both anxiety and depression have ballooned significantly these past few years. Anxiety and depression can be caused by different things, which is why it is hard for experts to determine the exact cause of these conditions. Anxiety is hard to deal with and it certainly is hard to get over with. Once you’ve started dealing with anxiety, long-term treatment is often needed. There’s an alternative to anti-anxiety medications, though, and that is 5-HTP.

Effects of anxiety

People become anxious because of different reasons. Severe anxiety may lead to the inability to function socially. Some people have a hard time going out and even speaking to strangers. Anxiety can cause redness and difficulty in breathing as well as shutting down of one’s mobility. Having anxiety is not something to laugh about. Coupled with depression, all kinds of depressing thoughts may invade one’s mind. This has led to a number of suicide attempts.

Curing anxiety without treatment

Some doctors want their patients to get over anxiety without treatment. This is a slow process, but for some patients it had worked. If you want to deal with anxiety without relying on medication, you will have to slowly get over what is making you anxious. This will not be easy and if it doesn’t work, it can actually make anxiety even worse.

Effects of 5-HTP on anxiety and depression

5-HTP is a natural alternative to medications for anxiety and depression. Since 5-HTP supplements improve the levels of the happy hormone serotonin in the body, you can experience an improvement in your mood. You will find yourself able to deal with things that you had difficulties dealing with before because of anxiety. 5-HTP also works effectively against depression by inducing a calmer state of mind.

Effects of 5-HTP on sleep and functionality

5htp pic 115-HTP can also be used as a sleeping aid. Many people dealing with insomnia have found relief thanks to this. Some people who have anxiety have problems sleeping, which makes 5-HTP solve not only one problem, but two. On top of that, headaches and migraines can also be remedied with the continued use of 5-HTP. People suffering from chronic muscle soreness or fibromyalgia can also benefit from it. Since 5-HTP increases the sleep hormone melatonin, it can cause drowsiness when a big dose is used. Using a big dose before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster, but using it in the morning may make you drowsy.

5-HTP versus anti-anxiety medications

Medications for anxiety are often meant for long-term use. Stopping the use of these medications may trigger withdrawal symptoms. Panic episodes are also common after stopping medication. On top of that, one can become intolerant of medication fairly easily.

Research suggests that 5-HTP is as effective as some anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications and SSRI drugs. What’s even more amazing about this supplement is it doesn’t have the same side effects as medications. 5-HTP is gentler and does not trigger the same withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using it. There are also no severe reactions to the removal of 5-HTP supplements from one’s daily routine. All these would prove that 5-HTP is a better treatment for anxiety and depression than prescription drugs.

The effects of 5-HTP on the body are astounding. Many people are shifting from prescription medication for anxiety and depression to natural 5-HTP supplements. This is a good move if you don’t want to experience the harsh and recurring symptoms associated with withdrawal from medications. Not only is 5-HTP gentler and less harmful than medications, it also has a plethora of other benefits that you don’t get from drugs. Why don’t you try 5-HTP now and see how much benefits you can get from it?

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