5-HTP for Migraines

5htp pic 21There are different kinds of migraines. Some last for days, others only minutes. Some people have to deal with migraines for weeks. There are migraines that are only concentrated in one area, while others feel like your entire head will explode with the pain. One thing’s the same whatever kind of migraine you have, though: it will hurt a lot. Surely nobody wants to have to deal with migraine. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped. Luckily, there are a couple of ways for you to get rid of migraine as soon as possible.

Reasons why you get migraine

If you list down the causes of migraine, you will have a very long list that probably won’t include every single one of them. Some migraines are caused by lack of sleep or fatigue. Others are caused by hunger. Some can be a symptom of underlying conditions such as jaw pain, eye problem, or toothache. Migraines can also be indicators that a weight loss supplement you’re using isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to. Some people have to deal with migraine often because of their lifestyle or health condition.

How to deal with migraine

If you’re always experiencing migraine, by now you have probably learned some ways to get over it with the least pain possible. Some sleep through the pain, others use medication. Pain killers are pretty popular. If you go to your doctor at the first sign of a migraine, you may be sent home with a prescription for pain killers. If the pain lasts for days, though, test and other medications may be done. Those who don’t want to use medication will try to live through the pain.

Another thing that can help alleviate migraines and headaches is 5-HTP. This is a supplement that can be taken from the extract of an African plant which happens to increase the serotonin levels of the body. Serotonin has an effect on mood, sleep, and satisfaction. It also improves headaches easily. Compared to medications, 5-HTP supplements do not have serious side effects. It’s also better than serotonin supplements that do not go through the brain barrier.

Natural Cure for Migraines

How to prevent migraine from coming back

You will feel immense relief once migraine is gone. However, it’s not enough that you deal with it when it’s already there and pestering you. You have to think of ways to prevent migraine from coming back. For one, if you are experiencing persistent migraine on a certain area, you might want to consult your doctor to know if it is connected with a serious health problem. By continuing the use of 5-HTP you are also preventing migraines. 5-HTP is safe for up to 12 weeks of continued use. Throughout this time you will notice a decrease in the occurrence of headaches and migraines, plus you will get better sleep and eating habits.

5-HTP versus pain killers

5htp pic 19Pain killers would help with the pain brought on by migraine, but aside from that it won’t do anything else for your body. It certainly doesn’t have nutrients. It might even have some side effects. Over time, you will have to increase the dosage you take because it won’t be as effective as before. Your body’s sensitivity to the medication will change, which is why a bigger dosage might be required. Meanwhile, 5-HTP can help alleviate migraine while also improving depression and anxiety. On top of that, it cures insomnia and aids in weight loss. People who have fibromyalgia also find relief from this supplement. The dosage that works for you may also increase, but there is no severe side effect associated with it.

Which one would you choose? A product that solves your pain while posing health risks, or a supplement that not only resolves migraines but also has other benefits for your body?

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