5-HTP Natural Antidepressant

5htp pic 12Imagine having to wake up with a lot of worries about how your day is going to go. Imagine dealing with a lot of problems and being helpless every day. What if you don’t have the means to make your life better right now? The feeling of helplessness is just one of the symptoms of depression. A lot of people suffer from depression and unfortunately, not all of them are getting better.

Reasons for depression

Depression occurs because of a lot of reasons. A teenager may develop depression after being bullied by his peers. An adult may feel depressed after losing a child or an important job. It gets even more challenging when one faces a major problem after another. Depression coupled with anxiety is even harder to deal with. You are always worried about what’s going to happen and it can trigger certain responses from your body. You may be unable to move. Some people even experience difficulty in breathing. Depressing and suicidal thoughts are also always present.

Natural Cure for Depression?

A clinically depressed individual can seek professional advice from his doctor. Medications can be suggested to help improve the condition. The doctor may also suggest some lifestyle or habit changes. It will be hard, but if you continue trying, you might get some results soon. Unfortunately, some people do not get better even with prescription drugs. Doctors tend to increase the dosage of these medications over time to ensure that they are still working. A bigger and bigger dosage may be required to get the same results, yet the patient doesn’t seem to show any improvements. Now that’s frustrating.

Alternative medication for depression

Aside from prescription drugs, supplements such as 5-HTP can be recommended to combat depression and anxiety. 5-HTP increases the serotonin levels in the body and with more serotonin, a person will develop better moods. Serotonin is known to improve one’s mood and satisfaction. Also according to some studies, 5-HTP is as effective as other medications for depression. However, it may not be safe to use 5-HTP in combination with anti-depressants. Before using this, always consult your doctor to know the side effects and dangers associated with it.

How to avoid depression relapse

With the use of 5-HTP, you will notice an improvement in your mood. Even your sleep will be better. Insomnia, which often accompanies depression and anxiety, will not be as common. You will gradually feel better about yourself. It would be hard if you relapsed into depression again. To avoid this, you should consume supplements that improve your serotonin levels so that you will not reach that all time low again. There are also fruits rich in serotonin such as bananas. With the addition of natural yet effective serotonin sources, depression can be a thing of the past.

Other effects of 5-HTP

5 htp pic 18The effective anti-depressant 5-HTP isn’t just useful in that area. It can also improve your sleep and reduce the occurrence of headaches. A lot of people would also be interested in its appetite suppressing properties. Wouldn’t you want to lose some weight while battling depression? With 5-HTP, that’s possible and the best part is you don’t even have to try dieting. It goes with increased serotonin levels that you will feel satisfied with lesser food intake. Researches show that people lose weight with 5-HTP even if they are not consciously trying to do so.

The astounding amount of research backing the results of 5-HTP proves that it is a very useful supplement. Note that this is nothing new. It is actually produced in your body, but you want higher levels to get some improvements in your depression and weight. For that, supplements containing the extract Griffonia simplicifolia would be what you need.

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